1 Dealing with Optus

We are in the course of writing up one of our reader’s experiences with Optus. We think that based on these you may well decide that it’s madness to even try. There isn’t even an email address that you can use to take up with them any of the issues you have with them – just a PO box. And even if you send a “snail mail” to this PO box, they don’t respond. They are so obviously not putting any resources into dealing with the concerns of their customers and/or potential customers

If anyone from Optus doesn’t think it’s a horrible horrible company to deal with, perhaps they could email us  with their alternative view.

A 15 Oct. 2014 update: On second thoughts, we have better things to do with our time than write up one of our reader’s horrible experiences with Optus. If anyone is mad enough to deal with a company, that, if you have issues you wish to take up with them, (1) doesn’t have an ordinary email address, (2) doesn’t have an email form, and (3) doesn’t have a fax number – all you can do is send “snail mails” to a PO box number and, if you do, you don’t get a response – is hardly likely to be  put off dealing with them by one person’s horrible experiences in dealing with that company.

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