Foxtel – dealing with

What sort of organisations, when you phone them, tell you you’ll have to expect to wait on the phone for more than 60 minutes before someone will be available to talk to you? – Foxtel, for one.

Waiting on the phone for more than 60 minutes!!!???

They blame the virus – of course?

What’s wrong with being told that, if you leave your phone number, you’ll be phoned when someone is available to talk to you?

We suppose the next thing that will happen is that they’ll be screaming that their monthly payment hasn’t been received – even from those who haven’t been able to access anything on Foxtel for more than two weeks. It will be interesting to see what happens then?

This, at the same time when their marketing people are suggesting that you might like to use Foxtel to connect to the NBN!!!???

They’re dreaming!

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