The Smart Mailbox feature on MacBooks

One of our readers has recently made us aware of the Smart Mailbox feature on MacBooks and we’ve been most impressed.

If we click on “Mailbox” in the top of our screens when we are in “Mail,”

we are taken to this:-

and if we click on “New Smart Mailbox,” we are taken to this:-

and if, for instance, we fill this in as shown and click on “OK,” we will have created a mailbox in which every WebMD Daily we have ever received will appear – the mailbox will show on the left of our screen like this:-

And if we have been corresponding by emails with a particular person we can create a Mailbox in when every email we’ve ever swapped with them, even going back years and years. It helps us to be so much better organised.

We would be astonished if Microsoft didn’t have this feature as well, but, so far, we’ve sent emails to two Microsoft people enquiring whether this is so, and they have not been very helpful. Perhaps some of our readers could send us information on this which we could share.

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