We have a dream 1

We have a dream, and that is of a world in which, when we or any of our readers have a technology question, there are ordinary email addresses we can use to send descriptions of it off, resulting in us getting back a high quality solution – for a fee. We mention “for a fee,” because this world is never going to come about if those providing the solutions aren’t properly rewarded for their efforts.

To us, modern communication technology makes a world like this possible, and we read once that, “Whatever technology enables happens,” but there are virtually no indications of it happening yet.

Suppose we have a question like, “If I have a list of the email addresses of 50 people/organisations, is there a way in which I can send an email to all 50 email addresses in one go, rather than having to send them one by one?” or any of a million other  technology questions.

In one sense the answer to this question is incredibly simple: somewhere in the whole wide world, (with modern communication technology it doesn’t matter where) is almost certainly an individual, (working for an organisation, or on their own, it doesn’t matter,) who’s able to provide us with a high quality answer, “off the top of their head,” as the saying goes, or after carrying out research, for an amount of money which you and I are prepared to pay and they are willing to accept – it’s just a matter of finding them.

Trying to provide an answer to this question is what this blog is all about.

One of the things that fascinates us is why the people behind websites such as WP Beginner are not into providing this service. On their website, they say:-

But they don’t even have an ordinary email address – just a contact page which is headed up with:-

So, if you have a specific question, WPBeginner is never going to provide you with any help.

To be continued.

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